My Sweet Returning Family | MANASSAS, VA photographer

I just love getting the chance to photograph clients year after year and very grateful to hear from Chrissie and her family again this past fall.  Their two girls had changed so much!  The youngest was just recently born for our last photo session and this time around was a happy toddler!  Big sister was in full on explore mode during our session so we went with flow and followed her around! I love how headstrong kids are at this age, and I think it's important to let kids be kids and not force it.  The last I want during a session is for the mom or dad to feel stressed out that their child is not doing what they "should" be doing. There are no "shoulds"!  I want to see how little ones express themselves and I want to see the genuine reactions of the parents.  When everyone relaxes, the magic happens! 

Mother and Daughter with beautiful curly hair Loudoun Photogrrapher kate Montaner Photography
Fall Family with two little girls Ashburn VA Photography Kate Montaner
Little Girl with apples in a basket Childrens Photographer Kate Montaner
Girl with Mini Radio Flyer Wagon Fall Portrait photographer Kate Montaner Photography
Black and White Family Photography Kate Montaner
Family with Radio Flyer Wagon Portrait Photographer Kate Montaner
Daddy and Daughter black and White Portrait Photography Kate Montaner
Mommy daughter black and white portraiture Kate Montaner Photography
Fall Family Stroll Kate Montaner Photography
Little Curly haired girl with apples in a basket Kate Montaner Childrens Photographer