Glamour Boudoir | Ashburn, VA Glamour Photographer

I met Nicole during the wee hours of the morning while we were both waiting to register our kids for county after school care.  We had consecutive numbers in line and chatted away while we tried our best to keep warm in the morning cold.  I loved Nicole’s open nature and it we made our time in line fly by while chatting and sharing stories about our families.  The topic of my photography business came up and I showed her a recent boudoir session about which I was super excited.   Nicole joked that she would never be able to do something like that.  I insisted that most women think the same thing and it just takes a little bit of a jump to try it yourself- a jump to trust yourself, trust the photographer, and put yourself out there with the result being improved self-confidence and heirloom images that will pleasantly surprise you.  As a photographer, it’s my job to help you project the beautiful person you are in a way that you may have forgotten but your most loved ones see day to day.

I was so happy when I received a message from Nicole a few weeks ago saying she was ready to book a Glamour Boudoir Session.  I think her photos speak for themselves but as cliché as it sounds, the photos were proof that Nicole is just as beautiful inside as she is outside.  For a mom of three, she is not used to celebrating herself.  As moms, we tend to lose our individual self with the chaos that is daily life.  I am so honored that Nicole chose me to take her photos, put herself first, and help her see just how beautiful she is.  

If you are ready to enjoy an afternoon of pampering and feeling beautiful and confident, please contact me to set up a session. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Love and Hugs,