Why Not Go out on a Limb? That's where the Good Fruit Is -Mark Twain

This weekend we took the girls apple picking.  It is our second year going to Crooked Run Orchard and it is an amazing property!  You really feel like you are in the middle of the countryside and I love how you can just explore and take your time.


Equipped with a basket each, the girls went to town gathering apples.  My little munchkin mainly focused on trying to pick up every apple on the ground and my oldest loved climbing the trees to get to the fruit on the higher branches.  There was even a cute little playhouse with a doorbell (which was pressed many, many times). At one point I found myself getting really impatient trying to coax the girls out of the playhouse with no success.  I had to take a breath and remember not to rush things. The girls were so happy going in and out of the house, opening and closing the shutters, just enjoying the moment fully, and here I was trying to hurry them along for no reason at all.

In many ways this is why photography is such a great activity for me.  It challenges me to just take a breath and stay in the moment.  It makes me focus (pardon the pun) on the details.  You can't rush or force a good picture so photography is a great lesson in patience.